Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Literacy Workstations

Last summer, I got the book “Literacy Work Stations” and after going to a few trainings on how to implement the 90-minute reading block I decided I had to implement this into my classroom in some way.  This year as part of professional development we studied the “Daily Five” in our study groups.  My 90-Minute block is a combination of the two that works for my classroom.
Rotation Chart

Literacy Work Station Tubs

We have four rotations: Seatwork, Table Work, Reading, and Stations.  Seatwork includes everything from journal writing, worksheets, graphic organizers, to partner work.  Table work with me is a guided reading group with leveled readers.  During the reading rotation they can read by themselves or with a buddy.  The fourth rotation are the station tubs. You can find the labels for the tubs here for free. They go to one of these tubs each day and after all of the students have rotated through them (which usually takes about 2 weeks), I switch out the materials.  The skills of the tubs stay the same but the materials and manipulatives change.  This works for us because the students know what is expected but they don’t get bored with what’s in the tub.  They take the tubs and go to the location in the room that’s on the chart.  Before I started this I wasn’t convinced that first graders could follow all of rotation movements in the room but they picked it up quickly.  

Station Location 2
Station Location 4

Station Location 3