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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Transportation Home FREEBIE!

My youngest son, Reed, has been sick recently.  He is such a tough little guy, but needed mommy to be with him while he was sick.  As I was going through sub plans, I realized I needed a more convenient way to track how my students go home.  I have several students who ride a bus and many who either walk or go to after-school daycare.  I decided to create a Transportation Home sheet that I could leave with a sub and feel confident that my students arrived home safely.  Just click the picture below for a FREE download.
Transportation Home 

I also stumbled on this wonderful FREEBIE for April workstations.  It is full of many math and reading activities for math workstations and literacy centers.
April Reading and Math 

Endless Possibilities,


  1. Thanks for linking back to my freebie! I am so super jealous you went to Mexico! My hubby and I have gone for 3 years in a row but missed this year and took our kids to Disney World instead. That was a great trip also but I missed the lazy days on the beach!!!

  2. Thanks for your FREEBIE!! Our trip was a first time and we are now saving for Disney also! We would love to make Mexico an annual trip, but my husband and I have different spring breaks:( I think I too will miss those wonderful lazy days!!

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  4. It is good to take care of children and track how they arrive home after school, but I am still confused about how this freebie will help track child transportation and location. Isn't it good to track the live location of children with the help of google Maps or any third-party software? Why not take advantage of technology? For example, if students are sick and unable to do their assignments, they can get the assignments writing services online with just one click of ease for assignment help.

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