Monday, March 26, 2012


Recently, I missed a week of work teaching precious little kiddos.  My husband and I took our very first trip without kids.  Those who know me, know that this was NOT an easy thing for me to do.  But my husband dragged me on the plane and once we landed in Mexico, I was saying "What kids? ;)" 
Knowing in advance that I was going to be gone I made up several activities for my first grade groups to work on while I was away. Since I do not get a sub when I am gone, I had to create activities that my first graders could do independently or with minimal supervision.  I then decided to take all of these activities and put them together to make a packet of math & literacy activities.  Only a few first graders in each class used these activities, so the first grade teachers are going to use them in their literacy stations.  I love getting to help the awesome first grade teachers :)  Here are a few of the activities:


You can find the packet HERE and please email me if there is an activity you would like to have included.  When you click on the link you will get a complete list of ALL activities included...Happy Teaching!!
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