Monday, March 26, 2012

Yearly Goals

How do you display your yearly classroom goals?

My classroom yearly goals are large enough for my students to view so that we may have a constant visual of our goals.  It is also in kid-friendly language for students to understand.
Students know how many have met the goal by looking at the cars in the front of the classroom.  I do not put names on the people in the cars; however, students know if they have met the goal because we also track data in individual data folders.
The popcorn box on the car symbolizes that students have earned a popcorn party for the particular goal.  I write the date on the large popcorn of when our class met the goal.
We would like to know how you display your yearly classroom goals.  Send a comment and/or link to us of how you keep track of data in your classroom.
Endless Possibilities, Stephanie

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